Friday, July 22, 2011

This is for you, Princess'

So... I'm thinking it's about time to start up this blog again. I'm thinking What to write what to write. Then it hit me... So enjoy :) this is for every girl! So as you read it, read it out loud to yourself!! You must do this. It is proven that when we speak it with our lips we believe it! This is the truth that each of us need to believe! So speak the truth and it will set you free!
I am a Princess. I will wear a crown of beauty and not of ashes. I am worth pursuing. I am worth dying for. I am deserve of true love. I have access to joy, love, and peace that surpass all understanding. My father died a horrible, painful death for me. Just so one day he could hold me in his arms for the rest of eternity. I have a love that is so strong it can`t even be separated by death. I have the love of a man who will never leave, never disappoint. A man who will keep fighting for me every single moment even though I hurt him non stop throughout the day. A man who thinks I am far more than enough even when I am at my lowest moment. I have the love of a man who can and longs to satisfy my ever longing. All he wants is my love. And he promises to treasure my love and never let it fade. He promises that it will only grow. This is a man who`s promises can never be broken. This man is JESUS!