Friday, July 22, 2011

This is for you, Princess'

So... I'm thinking it's about time to start up this blog again. I'm thinking What to write what to write. Then it hit me... So enjoy :) this is for every girl! So as you read it, read it out loud to yourself!! You must do this. It is proven that when we speak it with our lips we believe it! This is the truth that each of us need to believe! So speak the truth and it will set you free!
I am a Princess. I will wear a crown of beauty and not of ashes. I am worth pursuing. I am worth dying for. I am deserve of true love. I have access to joy, love, and peace that surpass all understanding. My father died a horrible, painful death for me. Just so one day he could hold me in his arms for the rest of eternity. I have a love that is so strong it can`t even be separated by death. I have the love of a man who will never leave, never disappoint. A man who will keep fighting for me every single moment even though I hurt him non stop throughout the day. A man who thinks I am far more than enough even when I am at my lowest moment. I have the love of a man who can and longs to satisfy my ever longing. All he wants is my love. And he promises to treasure my love and never let it fade. He promises that it will only grow. This is a man who`s promises can never be broken. This man is JESUS!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Never to young to Love

Just a couple minutes ago, while painting this little girls toe nails that i was babysitting, she starts telling me about this boy who she is in love with. (Ok this little girl is 7 years old). Alot of people think you can`t love when you are that young. But as I was scratching her back as she fell asleep I started thinking about what she had just told me. These were her exact words, "I love him, But I`m afraid he doesn`t love me back, but even if he doesn`t I`ll still love him b/c we are the same and he`s sweet and makes me feel so good. He is so romantic. And we laugh at the same jokes and understand each other. We are so uch alike except he is a boy and i`m a girl. I mean it just seems ment to be." Keep in mind she is 7 years old. But as I sat there I thought to myself that you really are never to young to love. B/c for the same exact reason she loves this little boy is for the same reason people fall in love when they are older. Most people would probably think about how silly and wrong this little girl is, but I know better b/c God made us to love others at any age, at any time, and at any cost. The only thing that keeps 2 people from being together is change. But through everything those 2 people will always have those memories and that love for one another. I know b/c I was once that same little silly girl everyone made fun of. And I`m still that same silly girl now, just older and i`ve expereinced life more. So before making assumptions about how people feel and how wrong they are, think about this and how God put us all here to Love one another.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Obsession keeps growing <3

Ok, I admit I`ve gotten a little bit more obsessed since i found this new Twilight website. These are the reasons i Love Twilight :)

  1. It`s the best Love story ever.

    1. The books are so relatable.

    2. It covers every single kind of Love throughout the 4 books.

    3. The books are funny.

    4. And even though they are fictional in ways they are so real to.

    5. The books have drama, love, comedy, and action.

    6. They will make you cheer, cry, laugh, and hyperventalate.

    I mean come on, if this doesn`t make you hyperventalate then nothing will.




    Sometimes you can`t deny how you feel <3>

    Sunday, January 18, 2009


    Alissa, she is like my sister, my role model, and she was my neighbor for most of my life. Alissa never fails to find the good in situations. I`ve learned so much from her. Everyone around her can`t help but be happy. She always has a smile on her face. And one of the things I have learned from her is to never give up. To keep trying no matter how many times you fail. Alissa is the person that even in 40 years i could still see us meeting up at the beach and soaking up the sun :) . We have had many great summers together. Like this picture, it was taken this summer at Sand Destin, after us and her brother and boyfriend snuck out and walked 4 miles at 2 in the morning on the beach to get to my hotels hottub. Great times have been spent over all these years. Love you, Lissa <3

    Tuesday, December 9, 2008

    A Little overview of who I am

    So... Who am I? I am the type of girl who loves helping others. I always try to be there when someone needs help. I will stick up for the once i love anytime, anyday. I like to write and most of the time end up writing way to much. I live by these sayings- Never let go, Life isn`t measured by the amount of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away, Don`t let the fear of stricking out keep you from playing the game, Act as if every hallway was a runway. Live life to its fullest, never regret anything, dont hold back anything, keep holding on, keep moving forward, laugh as much as possible, cry when appropriate, dance whenever you can and Love, Dare to Love Completely!